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Exclusive West Coast Premiere

Wednesday, March 7

6:45 pm

Clay Theatre

2261 Fillmore St, San Francisco

Sadly director Léonor Serraille will no longer be able to attend the screening

In partnership with iProdUSA

with the support of Unifrance / Consulat Général de France à San Francisco / LostinSF


Broke, with nothing but her cat and doors closing in her face, Paula is back in Paris after a long absence. As she meets different people along the way, there is one thing she knows for sure: she's determined to make a new start and she'll do it with style and panache!

Winner of the Caméra d'Or - Cannes 2017 (Best First Feature Film)

Director: Léonor Serraille  Starring: Laetitia Dosch

Running time 97’   Original Version French   Year of production 2017

This Young French Cinema program was made possible with the support of UniFrance films and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

Director's Biography

After having studied literature in Lyon, Paris and Barcelona, Léonor Serraille was accepted at La Femis (The French State Film School) in the screenplay writing program. After graduating, she directed the 16mm short film, “BODY”, with Nathalie Richard, which was selected for the Brive, Créteil and Osnabrück Film Festivals. “JEUNE FEMME” (“MONTPARNASSE BIENVENUE”), her graduation screenplay, is her first feature film, with Laetitia Dosch in the title role.

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